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The capital and the largest city of Latvia, Riga lies on the Gulf of Riga, at the mouth of the Daugava. It is the largest city of the Baltic States. The city experiences humid continental climate. January and February are the coolest months. Because of its vicinity to the sea, Riga receives frequent rains. Summers in the city are warm and humid. Pleasant weather, affluent architectural heritage, white sandy beaches and delicious local food makes this city a wonderful destination for a vacation.

Places of Interest in Riga
St. Peters Church
The city boasts a lot of spectacular churches and among them, St. Peter's Church is most known. At the church, a flight of stairs and an old lift take tourists to the top where they can enjoy the views of cobbled streets and red roofs of the Old Town, and the gleaming Daugava River separating the left and right sides of the city. It is recommended to go on a clear sunny day to enjoy the best views. The church also organizes temporary art exhibitions.

Sun Museum
Located on Valnu Street in Riga, Sun Museum is a museum that is dedicated to showcase how different nations and cultures view sun. Sun plays a significant role in the traditional culture of Latvia. The extensive collection in the museum boasts almost 400 depictions of sun. The museum gives some unexpected astronomical learning to visitors.

The Freedom Monument
A granite and copper monument located in the center of Riga, the Freedom Monument symbolizes national unity, statehood, and independence of Latvia. This spectacular monument was built as a memorial to those who died in the Latvia’s struggle for independence.

Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation
The oldest public museum in Latvia and one of the oldest in Europe, Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation is located in Old Town. The museum is housed in remarkable 13-20th century architectural monument named as the Riga Dome complex. At the heart of this museum is the personal collection of the Riga doctor Nikolas von Himzel. The museum was nationalized by the Soviet regime in the year 1940.

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