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Abraham Lincoln had once remarked, ‘the world has never possessed a good definition of freedom’ and it appears that Richmond decided to set the statesman’s qualm right. This American city in the state of Virginia has been an epicenter of American resistance during the Revolutionary War and it is where the legendary speech, “Give me liberty or give me death” was delivered by Patrick Henry in 1775 AD. The same fervor of freedom can be seen here today in its historical and cultural monuments.

Church Hill Historic District
Welcome to the first-rate version of American history. Church Hill Historic District is the home to St. John's Episcopal Church (estd: 1741 AD) and it is where one of the Founding Fathers of America, Patrick Henry had given his soul stirring speech, “Give me liberty or give me death” in the wake of Revolutionary War in 1775 AD. Some houses here haven’t let time lay a hand on them ever since the Civil War or the Revolutionary War, and they can be best termed antebellum and well worth of a curious visit. The oldest of these prestigious houses is the Old Stone House of 1737 AD, which has now become Edgar Allan Poe Museum in the honor of noted poet and author who lived in the city.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (estd. 1936 AD) is a famous art museum in Richmond, Virginia. It is one of the top ten comprehensive art museums in the United States. It has a vast collection of early 20th-century European artworks, French Impressionists, English silverworks; Faberge jeweled works and Contemporary American art. However, the most important part of the artworks collection in this illustrious museum is the Fischer Collection of Modernist works with some outstanding examples of German Expressionism.

Belle Isle
Have you seen the movie ‘Hannibal’ or ‘The Jackal?’ Some parts of the movie were shot in Belle Isle and this island was a natural choice because of its falls and river. Visitors usually prefer this beautiful island for its stunning landscape and mountain-biking trail. As a great weekend hangout, you can also find time to enjoy swimming here.

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