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Cheap Quebec Vacation Packages

The capital city of Quebec province, Quebec City is one of the most beautiful cities in North America. The city reigns as a focal point of French culture. It is a hilltop French speaking city having a strong defensive position. Quebec is set on a rocky spur with 100-meter cliffs and bordered on two sides by rivers. Initially, the city was a center of fur trading and it soon became a flourishing administrative center of French America. Being a capital, Quebec City is a significant commercial center. Boasting walled fortifications, centuries-old buildings, and narrow streets. This city is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Places of Interest in Quebec City
Chateau Frontenac
Built by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1894, Chateau Frontenac is an iconic hotel located above Petit-Chaplain and Basse Ville. Its wide Terrasse Dufferin offers excellent vistas of the St. Lawrence River. It was the original site of Fort St. Louis. The historic site lets tourists to explore the ruins underneath the promenade.

Musee de la Civilisation
Delving into several facets of human history and the establishment of French America, Musee de la Civilisation is a museum comprising of three separate locations. The main museum is located near the Old Fort and is a contemporary structure from architect Moshe Safdie. The second museum is located on the Place Royal. It is the place Samuel de Champlain laid a trading colony in 1608. The third one is in the hilltop seminary.

Located atop Cap Diament, Citadel is surrounded by ramparts, ditches, and thick walls. The location of this monument allows wide views of the St. Lawrence River and surrounding area. The fortress was completed by British in 1832. The complex includes restored powdered magazines, a military museum, and the summer residence of Governor General of Canada. The 22nd Canadian Regiment is stationed at the fortress and performs a summer ‘Changing of the Guard’ ceremony.

Parliament Hill
Located immediately southwest of the old Upper Town, Parliament Hill is a spacious seat of Quebec's provincial seat. The Salle du Conseil Legislatif (Legislative Council) and Salle de l'Assemblee Nationale (National Assembly) are open to the public. One has to get the tickets in advance. Nearby located Grand Theater is a venue for symphony performances, plays, and concerts. In addition, one can also visit Palais des Congres, which is a shopping and entertainment complex.

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