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Cheap Port Of Spain Vacation Packages

Caribbean sounds like an exotic party destination to most people. Ditto for Port of Spain, but you should also add Cricket to it. Port of Spain is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago and is known for its Trinidad Carnival, Royal Botanic Gardens, Renaissance style architecture and is also the birthplace of one of all time Cricket greats, Brian C Lara. Visitors would find the aquamarine sea beaches, delicious seafood and thumping bass of Calypso music much to their liking here. A local hotspot during the evenings here is the Independence Square, which is a fabulous place for street food, shopping, and to get a feel of the vibrant city.

Places of Interest in Port of Spain
Maracus Bay
Maracus Bay is the most famous and the most beautiful beach in Trinidad and Tobago. A drive through the nearby mountains to Maracas beach offers breathtaking scenery and builds a faithful continuity to a stunning landscape. Atop the mountain, you can also get a captivating, 360-degree view of the beach up to the horizons. As per the seafood, you should try the local seafood delicacy ‘Shark and Bake.’ It is made of floor and shark meat and is not something to be missed at all. Bathroom and showers are available from USD 1 and are hygienic and neat.

National Museum and Art Gallery
The National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago is the country’s most important museum. It was established in 1892 AD and was originally called the Royal Victoria Institute because it was built for the preparation for Queen Victoria’s jubilee celebration. Through its vast collection of texts and images, it shows artifacts from the country’s earliest settlers until the World War II. Other displays here include displays of local and international artists.

Queen’s Park Savannah (or The Savannah)
Queen’s Park Savannah is Port-of-Spain’s biggest open park and world’s biggest traffic roundabout. It has seen numerous changes to its use starting from being a sugar land, cattle pasture, race track for horse racing and is now used for cricket matches and carnivals. On the southern end, you would find the main viewing area called the Grand Stand. Along the western end, is located the Magnificent Seven which is a group of late Victorian and Edwardian era buildings that attracts plenty of tourists ever year.

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