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A city located on the northern edge of the Pyrenees in the region of Aquitaine in France, Pau is at a distance of around 100 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean. The position of the city offers it an exceptional panorama across the mountain range of the Pyrenees and on the hillsides of Jurancon. It is a serene and dignified town that has been a popular spot for British holiday-makers since 19th century. Tourists are attracted by Pau with its gentle climate and picturesque setting. It is a relaxing place to explore.

Places of Interest in Pau
Pau Castle
Built by Gaston Febus in the 14th century, Pau Castle towers above the mountain stream. The apartments in the castle consist of an assortment of decorated rooms with fine tapestries. There is a tortoise shell in the castle that is said to be used as Henry IV's crib. This shell is displayed in the room where Henry IV was born. In the dressing room, there are portraits.

Ossau Valley
Once known as Ursialensis vallis or 'Bear Vallley', Ossay Valley stretches out for 70 kilometers from Pau to Laruns, which is located in lower Ossau. This valley is replete with an assortment of medieval-looking villages. One can enjoy the serenity and natural beauty of this valley and can also take clicks of the wonderful landscape.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Pau
A municipal museum located in Pau, the Museum of Fine Arts was founded in 1864. . The collection in the museum includes works by artists like Rubens, Zurbaran, and Jose de Ribera and several other beautiful examples of contemporary art.

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