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Cheap Ontario Vacation Packages

Ontario is a city in San Bernardino County in California and about 35 miles of Los Angeles in United States. It is located within one of California's oldest wine regions called the Cucamonga Valley. The region is now survived by only a few wineries and vineyards besides a large number of historical attractions, museums, scenic parks and even a theatre that was built in 1930s- and they all should constitute for prime choices for sightseeing during your Ontario vacations.

How about avoiding that last minute rush and those inflated ticket prices during your Ontario vacations? You can choose from our Ontario travel packages that offer a great way to make your vacations cheaper, affordable and hassle-free!

The peak season to visit Ontario is the summer season from June to August. It is hot and dry to the tune of 85-94 deg F, but this would still allow you to sunbathe and to enjoy the cultural highlights near the city (including Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles.

Places of Interest in Ontario
Ontario Mills

There are quite a few superlatives associated with Ontario Mills in California. Opened in 1996, it is the largest outlet shopping destination in California that is often touted to be the largest one-level shopping mall in western North America and the first Mills landmark center to have a racetrack layout.

This grand mall also contains a 1000-seat strong food court that is associated with major fast food companies.

San Antonio Winery

The San Antonio Winery is a 100 year old winery in Lincoln Heights district Los Angeles, near Ontario in California. It was founded in 1917 by an Italian immigrant who had started the winery here and had rename and dedicated it to Saint Anthony. It now operates as a family-owned winery that offers tours and tastings. Until a few years ago, it was the only winery in operation within Los Angeles.


For an indoor flying experience that becomes memorable within first five nanoseconds after trying, come to iFly in Ontario. It is a famous indoor skydiving center ever since it had debuted in 1998. Its crowning glory is a ground-breaking technology allows the visitors to have alternating experiences ‘freefall’ and ‘floating’ on a cushion of air.

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