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Nukualofa Vacation - Deals & Packages!

As weird as it may sound, Nuku?alofa is one of the most romantic names that could be given to a city. It is a native word in Tongan language that means ‘adobe of love.’ Nuku’alofa is located scenically in and as the biggest island in the Kingdom of Tonga, and is also the national capital. It is essentially a coral island that has a multitude of churches, resorts and offers snorkeling features and completely packs a punch with its marketplace on Saturdays.

Places of Interest in Nuku?alofa
Ha?amonga ?a Maui
Though its origin is uncertain, Ha?amonga ?a Maui (meaning: the Burden of Maui) is the closest to a miniature depiction of the Stonehenge. It is a stone trilithon located in the north of the island of Tongatapu. This ancient structure is constructed from three coral limestone slabs and is up to 5.2 m high, 1.4 m wide and 5.8 m long.

Talamahu Market
Just the pristine best of Tonga, every Saturday and with no pretence. Talamahu Market is the most famous marketplace of Nuku’alofa and you can find farm fresh fruits and vegetables here. You shall also find native handicrafts and second hand clothing, shoes, carvings and even jewelry at reasonable prices here.

The Tongan National Cultural Centre
The Tongan National Cultural Centre showcases the history of the regal kingdom. You can find here dedicated professionals to make local handicrafts and carvings, and these items are up for sale. If you’d like to delve further into the ambience of the island city, you can enjoy demonstrations of traditional dancing and other skills with buffet dinners on Tuesdays and Thursdays.