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North Ronaldsay is the northernmost of the islands of Orkney (Scotland) and finds a precise mention in a ninth century text, the Orkneyinga Saga. This scantily populated, scenic island is known for its historic lighthouse, migratory bird life and an unusual breed of sheep. You’d be pleased to know that North Ronaldsay is the pristine best of Scotland when it comes to the omnipresent hobby of bird-watching a and the happiness soon turns into an unforgettable experience during the spring and autumn migration periods. The quantity and variety of birds that can be seen at these times is often spectacular. Visitors also find themselves charmed with a well-preserved Iron Age hollow-walled structure (or broch) known as the Broch of Burrian that relates to the developments here since the Iron Age up to the Norse occupation of the islands in the ninth century.

Almost equal in the same capacity of an experience is watching the ruined historical lighthouse, Dennis Head Old Beacon. The seventy foot high tower was completed in 1789 AD but was considered useless lighting system that despite being quite advanced for its time, was always mistakenly understood as the mast-head of another ship by mariners. You can visit it for its historical significance and to get an all round view of the island.

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