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Cheap Newark Vacation Packages

Newark is the third oldest city in the US and the most culturally affluent region in New Jersey. It is also an international transporation hub and has a long list of cultural hotspots. It has national parks, architectural masterpieces, and historical sites, thus making it a place well worth your time. The most important attraction here is the floating museum on a Second World War warship, New Jersey.

Places of Interest in Newark
Battleship New Jersey
Battleship New Jersey is US Navy's most decorated vessel and one of the largest battleships ever built since 1942 AD. Stationed over Delaware river as a state-of-the-art floating museum, it offers guided tours. The museum also offers you a unique oppurtunity to spend a night on the the ship or avail its tour packages.

Thomas Edison National Historical Park
It is a hot cake in all seasons. Thomas Edison National Historical Park used to be the laboratory of New Jersey's most prodigous son - Thomas Alva Edison. Born deaf and dumb, this genius is credited for inventing microphone, phonograph, movie camera and light bulb. A description of his perseveration and hard work are preserved in the Thomas Edison National Historical Park. The best part of the monument is that the Museum includes an exhibition of his labs, movies and original artifacts. If you're lucky, you may even get to visit Edison's 29-room mansion - Glenmont. However, note that tickets for Glenmore are avialable only on a first come, first serve basis and that they usually fly off the shelves.

Liberty State Park
Liberty State Park plays king to all the attractions in Newark and dominates the view of Upper New York Bay, Liberty Island and Ellis Island. It is highlighted by Communipaw Cove, a 36-acre state nature preserve in the park. This iconic park also hosts several memorials and monuments, like Liberation and Empty Sky (the latter relates to those killed in 9/11 terrorost attack). As a recreation activity, fishing, boating and canoeing take the honours of being the preferred activities in Hudson river that flows nearby. However, you're advised to visit this place on 4th of July (Independence Day), because the place is the subject of spectacular fireworks and much happiness.

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