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Miskolc is the fourth largest city located in the northeastern part of Hungary. With Bukk mountains and tributaries from Sajo River, the city lies at the merger of different geographical areas. The region is the economic, educational, and scientific centre of Northern Hungary. The International Opera Festival is the most important cultural event held in the city each year. Amongst the must visit attractions is the Cave Bath in Miskolc-Tapolca, a unique creation in a natural cavern. For the lovers of adventure activities, Bukk Mountains serves as an ideal place.

Places of Interest in Miskolc
Anna Cave
Anna Cave in Lillafured is located beneath the hanging garden of Hotel Palota. It is one of the world’s three calc-tuff caves which is open for all. Amongst its highly recognized initial visitors was Sandor Petofi, a poet, who visited the cave in the year 1847. Most of its parts were discovered during mining under the direction of the miner Andras Stark in the year 1833. After the installation of electric lightening and its connection via artificial passage the cave has turned out to be one of highly visited sites.

Bukk National Park
Bukk National Park established in the year 1976 is a gem and the largest national park in Hungary. Nearly 90 different bird species are found here including White-back woodpecker, Gray Wagtail, hawks, eagles, falcons, and more. The park is a haven to plants, insects, and numerous endangered species because of its protected status. Here one can find Wild Flower Species, Insects/Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals. Some of these include Daylily, Lady's Slipper, Wolf's Bane, Blind Ground Beetle, Purple Edged Copper, Spotted Salamander, Alpine Newt, Wild Cat, Wild Boar, Wolves, Moufflon, and more. With its well marked trails numerous opportunities are available for walkers and cyclists.

Greek Orthodox Church
Greek Orthodox Church is the most beautiful and the largest Orthodox Church in Central Europe. It was built in between 1785-1806 in the braid architecture. The life of Jesus has been depicted on 88 images on the baroque style altar-screen by Miklos Jankovits. The five-tired iconostasis (nearly 18 meters high) is the most beautiful art work of the church interior. Its 84 images were made by an Austrian painter - Anton Kuchelmeister. In the church garden are 18th and 19th century gravestones with Greek inscriptions.

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