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Minsk is both the capital of Belarus and the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and is also the meeting point of business and politics in the country. Save for a few buildings, the city was nearly burnt to the ground during the Second World War and most of the buildings that you’ll see here are a direct result of Stalin’s architectural expansion plan. Visitors are best advised to explore Minsk through its architecturally affluent historical cathedrals and churches. Also visit its 16 museums, 11 theaters, 20 cinemas and 139 libraries.

Places of Interest in Minsk
Holy Spirit Cathedral
The Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk is the central cathedral of the Belarusian Orthodox Church and is dedicated to the Holy Spirit. This seventeenth century cathedral is actually the former church of the Bernardine convent and was built when the city was the centre of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569–1795 AD).

Belarusian National Arts Museum (or the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus)
The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus (established in 1939 AD) is the largest museum in the country. It contains more than twenty seven thousand artworks and many of these are supplemented with art description placards in English, a practice which is quite unlike in most of the museums in Belarus. While here, do check out the Mikhail Filippovich’s oil painting Midsummer Night (1921) and Vladimir Beklemishev’s bronze-cut statue Village Love (1896).

National Library of Belarus
Founded in September 1922 AD, the National Library of Belarus is a copyright library of the Republic of Belarus. Its main architectural component has the shape of a rhombicuboctahedron with 22 floors that can seat about 2,000 readers. The National Library of Belarus has the largest collection of printed materials in Belarusian language and the third largest in Russian language.

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