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Milwaukee is a colorful bubble wrap of three of the best things that a man would get to see in an American city, viz., beer, baseball and bikes. It is more than just known for its breweries, and is home to baseball team Milwaukee Brewers and motorcycle giant Harley Davidson. For the families, there are ample of historical and cultural hotspots that would make them go wow in next to no time.

Places of Interest in Milwaukee
Milwaukee's Lakefront
It is known to be one of the most beautiful downtown areas in the US and it offers you three ways to spend some quality time here. You can go to the War Memorial Center that was raised in honor of the fallen soldiers in Second World War, or you could admire the Milwaukee Art Museum which has a stunning collection of some 200 year old artifacts. If neither of these seems to work for you, you can simply take a walk along the lakefront and immerse yourself in its limpid charm.

The Harley Davidson Museum
Welcome to the city where this brand was born. Harley Davidson is considered an alpha bike and its charm is considered one of the most bewitching spells ever known to mankind. Taking the above mind-numbing distinctions in purview, the Harley Davidson Museum is how a biking enthusiast would spell P-A-R-A-D-I-S-E, regardless of his mother tongue. This museum has an enviable collection of almost half a thousand motorcycles, including the first HD bike called ‘Serial Number One’.

Pabst Theatre
This is both an architectural marvel and a historical masterpiece. Built in 1895 AD and known as the oldest theatre in the city, Pabst Theatre can give a European opera house a run for its money. Its interior is remarkably Baroque where the legendary Carrara marbles are put to the best use. The Pabst Theater is an indoor concert venue and a distinguished part of Milwaukee. Popularly known as ‘The Pabst’, this theater hosts about 100 events per year.

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