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One of the Balearic Islands in Spain, Menorca is a a beautiful beach destination perfect for beach lovers and leisure travelers. It is the second largest island in the archipelago. Besides the sun-drenched beaches, Menorca also boasts a number of historic and cultural attractions. It is also the most laid-back island in Balearic Islands and serves as a true family destination. Famed for its beaches, Menorca also boasts a decent amount of history and a hilly interior making for an excellent vacation.

Places of Interest in Menorca
The Northern and Southern Beaches
Menorca boasts over 80 beaches and all of its beaches have their own distinct character. Most of these beaches on the island are absolutely pristine. On the southern coast of the island, there are long beaches featuring white sand and have several accommodation and eating options nearby. The beaches at the northern site have rocky cliffs interspersed with rocky coves and feature red sand. Tourists can enjoy swimming and snorkeling at these beaches.

An old town wrapped around a wide square beside the small port, Ciutadella is a labyrinth of archways and passages. This town is regarded as the most beautiful town on the island. Other than boasting natural beauty, Ciutadella features aristocratic palaces, cathedral, and courtyards at its main square.

Port of Mao
Capital of the island of Menorca, Mao is home to Port of Mao, which is a shimmering inlet of water extending around 5 kilometers. It is one of the largest natural harbors in the world. The port features deep sheltered water and a slender entry from the sea. This entry-point is defended by fortresses. Tourists can enjoy natural beauty and can take some beautiful pictures of the harbor.

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