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Cheap Mendoza Vacation Packages

The capital of the province of Mendoza in Argentina, Mendoza is located in the northern-central part of the province. Mendoza is positioned in the foothills and high plains on the eastern side of the Andes. It is a bustling city of wide avenues, cosmopolitan cafes, and atmospheric plazas. Mendoza features arid climate with summer months ranging from November to March. Summers are hot and humid while the winters in the city are cold and dry. Mendoza remains lively during the day and comes into its own at night. It is the heart of Argentina’s wine industry and is lined with modern and art deco building.

Places of Interest in Mendoza
Municipal Aquarium
Opened in 1945, Municipal Aquarium contains local and exotic creatures of saltwater and freshwaters. There are animals from Sumatra, Parana River, Mexico, Guatemala, India, Australia, and Amazon. The sundry stations of the aquarium boast an assortment of fish, alligators, reptiles, and a marine tortugo of over 100 years.

Cerro de la Gloria
A small mount located in Mendozqa, Cerro de la Gloria features a huge memorial monument to the Army of the Andes at the top. Cerro de la Gloria is positioned at the General San Martin Park. This monument is the work of Uruguayan sculptor Juan Manuel Ferrari, along with Victor Guarini y Victor Cerini, Juan Carlos Oliva Navarro, Victor Callistri, and Victor Garino.

Parque General San Martin
An oasis of around 420 acres near the heart of Mendoza, Parque General San Martin is home to a number of outdoor activities related to culture. Most of the area of the park is covered with varied species of trees. The park boasts a large artificial lake. Parque General San Martin is an ideal place to take a break from the bustling city life.

Basilica of San Francisco Solano
Built in 1875, Basilica of San Francisco Solano is the oldest church in the new town. It was the first basilica built after the earthquake that destroyed the old colonial Mendoza. This shrine boasts the image of Our Lady of Carmen de Cuyo who was declared a patron and generala Amrmy of the Andes by Jose de San Martin.

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