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Mazatlan is a city situated in the southern part of Sinaloa, Mexico. The city once used to be rich in flora & fauna which included tabachines, eucalyptus, poplars, and animals like ducks, herons, racoons, whales, dolphins, turtles and many others. But with change in time, the numbers of animals and plants have reduced. The white tailed deer is one of the famous animals for which the city of Mazatlan is known for.

Places of Interest in Mazatlan
Carnival in Mazatlan
The carnival in the city of Mazatlan is extremely lively and is full of culture and traditions. The carnival is held for five days before Ash Wednesday (Day of fasting in early Feb or March). Tambora (an instrument similar to drum) is played during the carnival. Numerous activities like poetry competition, music concerts, theater, and various other cultural events are also the part of the Mazatlan Carnival.

Mazatlan Aquarium
The Mazatlan Aquarium is definitely a not to be missed attraction in the city. The aquarium comprises of 52 tanks with roughly 200 aquatic species from several parts of the world. Amongst its vast collection one can find sea lions, turtles, sharks, octopus, salt and fresh water fish in various sizes and colors and more. The Mazatlan Aquarium also provides an opportunity to its visitors to dive into its Central Fish Tank and have an up-close encounter with the beautiful fish.

Las Labradas - History Rocks
Las Labradas is a wonderful open air museum which is quite famous for showcasing artifacts which are known for providing clues to the Mexican roots. Las Labradas is an archeological zone which has been turned into an open air museum by nature. It serves as a home to one of the finest collection of carved stones situated on the beach.

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