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The capital and largest city of the coastal state of Alagoas in Brazil, Maceio is named after maceios which are the naturally spontaneous courses of water flowing out of the soil. In this part of the country, there are lots of maceios and lakes and thus the city is named after it. Prominent point of attraction in Maceio is its 13 mile stretch of beautiful beaches lining the serpentine oceanfront. Just of the shoreline, rocky reefs create shallow natural pools that offer great opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. It is basically the laid-back charm of Maceio that attracts tourists to this beautiful beach city.

Places of Interest in Maceio
Gunga Beach
As Maceio is all about sandy beaches, the major attractions here are beaches. Gunga Beach is one of the most tourist-frequented beaches in the city. This beach features good infrastructure and tourists can enjoy sip of beer along with basking on the sandy shore. The scenery of the beach is stunning and the mountains and palm trees in ambiance make tourists absorb the nature's beauty.

Praia de Ipioca
A beautiful beach with calm waters, Praia de Ipioca is another wonderful destination for enjoying beach fun. The beach boasts excellent pools for diving. There is a walk-in-sand restaurant located on the left corner of the beach. Praia de Ipioca is located at a distance of around 24 kilometers from the city center.

Praia de Sao Miguel dos Milagres
Located at a distance of around 20 kilometers from the city center, Praia de Sao Miguel dos Milagres is a long and beautiful beach shaded by coconut trees and guarded by reefs forming natural pools. There are several lodges located close to the beach. Visitors can enjoy eating at a plethora of beach-side restaurant located near the beach.

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