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Remember Estella in Charles Dickens’ magnum opus, ‘Great Expectations?’ Lviv is a lot like her- it has been (and is still) a beautiful and affluent city, rich in both architecture and cuisines, has seen massive transformational changes to its identity and yes, it has been maltreated too. This eight hundred year old Ukrainian city has only been galvanized for more sheen due to its cheerless associations with Poland, Austria, USSR and Germany- and this is a trait you can see evident in its multi-faceted culture today. Visitors will find it a cultural fingerprint of Ukraine and would not be found wanting of more. There’s just one snag though- more people here speak Ukranian and Russian, while English speakers are as scarce as teeth in a frog’s mouth.

Places of Interest in Lvov
Ploshcha Rynok
This old market square was rebuilt few times after a fire in 1527 AD and consequently it graduated to be a stellar combination of Renaissance and Rococo architectures that were perfected over the next few centuries. In the centre of Ploshcha Rynok sits its stellar attraction, a nineteenth century architectural marvel called Ratusha, which is known for its Neo-Renaissance design with fountains featuring four Greek gods (Neptune, Diana, Adonis and Amphitrite) at as many corners. Over the top of Ploshcha Rynok, you can find an endearing and all-encompassing view of the city along with some other attractions like the Chapel of the Boim family, Latin Cathedral and the Armenian Cathedral.

Dominican Church
A lot of parallels can be drawn from Dominican Church (estd. 1234 AD) and the city of Lviv. Akin to the city that has been burnt once and has been ravaged by hostile forces, the Dominican Church has also met the same fate. You should visit this church for its historical and cultural, if not religious, value. Also of special mention is its artwork on the inside which is a stunning masterpiece amidst a dual tone of white and golden.

Lviv Historical Museum
You’ll need a bit of history in a historical city and Lviv Historical Museum is just that. You’ll find the entire historical timeline of this eight hundred year old country through thousands of exhibits in the likes of paintings, sculptures, archaeological findings, documents and manuscripts, ancient books, porcelain items, old musical instruments, old photographs and photo negatives and even war-machinery.

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