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The capital and the largest city of Slovenia, Ljubljana is the cultural, administrative, economic, educational, and political hub of the country. The city is one of the greenest and most livable capitals in Europe. Ljubljana is a people-friendly city as offers everything that a metropolitan city does yet preserves its small-town geniality. In the city, the old meets the new. In addition to this, Ljubljana is a city of rich culture. The city features a plethora of museums, galleries, and theaters, and is home to one of the oldest philharmonic orchestras in the world. With a lot of tourist attractions, the city is excellent as a tourist destination.

Places of Interest in Ljubljana
Ljubljana Castle:
Standing on the site of numerous former defensive buildings, Ljubljana Castle is perched on top of Castle Hill and dominates the city skyline to the south. This spectacular castle is positioned in a hilly area of land that stretched away to the south of the old town. Outlook Tower is the major point of interest for visitors. This tower was built in the 19th century. The Virtual Castle of the tower screens 12-minute film showing informative and interesting history of the castle. This film is translated in Slovene, English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Croatian, and Italian.

France Preseren Monument A monument honoring the France Preseren, the national port of Slovenia, France Preseren Monument is located at the foot of the Triple Bridge. The monument, along with offering an engrossing visual treat, serves as a focal point for people meeting in the city. The monument was erected in 1905 and features the Muse of poetry boasting a small laurel of bay leaves over his head. The monument also features extracts from the writings of the poet.

Franciscan Church:
A spectacular 16th century church, Franciscan Church is built in an instantly recognizable Baroque fashion. The architecture of this church is simply outstanding. Tourists who are not into exploring the architectural brilliance can sit on the church steps and enjoy the pleasant serenity.

Ljubljana Zoo:
An excellent place to visit for wildlife lovers and nature buffs, Ljubljana Zoo features a lot of educational, entertaining, and interesting sights in one package. Some of the most popular animals are housed near the main entrance of the zoo. Some of the major animal species put on display here are Californian sea lions, giraffes, leopards, red pandas, and tigers.

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