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Lianyungang is a prefecture city in Jiangsu province, China. This oriental city is a trichotomy of a semi-fantastic story, a trading port, and captivating natural scenery. However, for an unassuming visitor to this beautiful city, there is no better place here than Lianyungang Bay which is the site of two beaches that perfectly sandwich a hiking trail. The ambience is further rendered some taste of antiquity with cobbled streets on the hike and a small temple on the mountaintop.

Places of Interest in Lianyungang
Huaguo Mountain
Huaguo Mountain is where you get to the greater part of a semi-fictional folklore, the one that concerns a monk and two kings- one human and one monkey, and a waterfall that hides a cave where the latter had taken his subjects to live for eternity. This place is a closed bracket to some of the best elements of natural sceneries that one would ever come across in China and a 360-degree view atop this mountain comes highly recommended.

Tide Island
Tide Island is where you can get to see a number of peacocks, eat ice creams and enjoy natural scenery- all alongside a sandy beach with warm seawaters. The best way to explore this island is to walk around until you reach the rocks on one end, and then to climb atop where you can see some of the peacocks that might be busy reflecting over the reason of your presence there.

Yunv Peak
Yunv Peak is the highest point in Lianyungang and as such, watching a sunrise here amidst a 360-degree view of the city during early mornings is priceless. Next stunner here is the Sea of Clouds. While this is not exactly a place on the Yunv Peak, it is a phenomenon wherein the clouds roll over the mountain like a sea of whiteness.

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