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Cheap Lakselv Vacation Packages

Lakselv is a small Norwegian town in Finnmark that is the northernmost point of most settlements in Greenland. Literally implying the ‘salmon stream’, this sleepy little town is a paradise for those who’d like to go fishing for salmon, trout, Arctic char and grayling in the Lakselva river. Lakselv also has top of the notch hiking opportunities in the surrounding wilds of the Arctics, and the Stabbursdalen National Park here is an ideal place to start. It is even better during the winters as skiing, snowmobile safaris, ice fishing and dog sledding form the order of the day among the tourists.

Places of Interest in Lakselv
Trollholmsund is located in Porsangerfjord, about 35 km north of Lakselv. This fabled place is dominated by dolomite or limestone rocks and stones. Visitors prefer to visit it for the dolomite trolls (a supernatural being in Norse mythology that is not beneficial to humans and can’t withstand sunlight). An old Sami myth says that some of these trolls were moving through the region when they came across a river and were unable to cross it. When the sunlight fell upon them, they were frozen into stone.

Stabbursnes Nature Reserve
Stabbursnes Nature Reserve has several fossil river tracks and ancient shore lines, which are the proofs of the gradual geological changes in the region over last millions of years. It is a resting and feeding place for area for many species of migrating wetland birds like Knot, Dunlin and Bar-tailed Godwit and especially the White-fronted Goose.

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