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The capital of La Paz Department, La Paz is a city located on the western side of Bolivia at an altitude of around 3,650 meters above the sea level. The city is positioned in a bowl surrounded by the imposing mountains of the altiplano. La Paz features subtropical highland climate and has rainy summers and dry winters. Months from November to March are the warmer months in the city. With picturesque settings and serenity, the city is an excellent place to visit for nature lovers. La Paz also boasts few spectacular museums and thus is an ideal spot for history buffs as well.

Places of Interest in La Paz
Casa de Murillo:
One of the most spectacular museums in La Paz, Casa de Murillo displays the collections of colonial art and furniture, musical instruments, textiles, and household items of silver and glass that once belonged to Bolivian aristocracy. The museum building was once the home of don Pedro Domingo Murillo, who was a leader in the La Paz Revolution. Other notable collection in the museum is of Alasitas miniatures.

Mercado de Hechiceria:
The most unusual market in the city, Mercado de Hechiceria is a witch market that lies along Linares and Calles Jimenez. The items on sale are not the witchcraft depicted in the movies; the merchandise is folk and herbal remedies and few unorthodox ingredients to supplicate the numerous spirits of the Aymara World. It is recommended to ask the people before taking their photographs or making long inquiries.

Museo de Etnografia y Folklore:
A wonderful place to check out for anthropology buffs, Museo de Etnografia y Folklore is in a building that was constructed between 1776 and 1790. This building was once the home of Marques de Villaverde. Major highlight of the museum is the exhibition of stunning weavings from all over Bolivia. Museo de Etnografia y Folklore also features a fine collection of Chipaya artifacts from western Oruro department.

Fundacion Solon:
Once home one of the most important and politically active artists Walter Solon Romero, Fundacion Solon is a place to learn about the life and struggle of the artist. Solon was famous for his elaborate murals. In the work of the artist, a sense of humor slightly covers the visceral cry for justice. Solon lost his son who died in prison during the repressive 1970's.

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