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La Ceiba may sound French, but is rather a small port city on the northern coast of Honduras in Central America. It has a spectacular range of forests, rivers, mountains, waterfalls and best of all, sunny beaches that could well might be the cause of a nature lover’s perpetual delight. You’ll possibly never run out of fun in La Ceiba whether you’re a daredevil or a more staid person because it has plenty to offer in terms of river rafting and canoeing besides admiring landscapes and sunbathing on beaches.

Places of Interest in La Ceiba
Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge
Definitely the point A in La Ceiba. This wildlife refuge is where you’ll find the best possible snapshot of Honduras’ wildlife amidst two rivers and plush greenery. You should try to explore this place early morning in a train or on a boat, that way you’ll be able to see most of the birds and animals here. While you traverse through the stretch, you’ll also be particularly mesmerized by the emerald green mangroves on the either side of the rivers Cuero and Salado here.

Pico Bonito National Park
Green, green, green. Pico Bonito National Park is usually an overwhelming experience for someone who has never come close to imagine how beautiful nature could look like. For the first ten minutes after your entry here, you’ll only find green trees (mostly those of palm, avocado and mango), cloudy skies, fragrance of pineapples, mountains and colorful birds. To trump everything else, you shall find zero crime rate and a high index of peace and tranquility in this port city- and this should be enough of a reason for you to come here.

La Ceiba Carnival
La Ceiba Carnival is the biggest and the grandest festival of Central America and is celebrated on the third Saturday in May through some other carnivals in the days leading up to it. It goes without saying that May is the best part of the year to visit this place the festivities completely pack the La Ceiba left, right and centre- and the ambience is just about electrifying too!

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