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The capital of Kumamoto Prefecture on the island of Kyushu in Japan, Kumamoto is one of the westernmost cities in the country. The city is enclosed by the Chikuhi Mountains from the north, Mount Aso-san from the east, while the Kuma-gawa, Shira-kawa, and several other rivers flow from the mountains to the western region of the lower current area creating the Yashiro Plain and the Kumamoto Plain. The city is rich in terms of tourist attractions such as Kumamoto Castle, Shimada Museum of Art, and many more. The soothing climate of the city from November to March enhances the pleasure of travel in Kumamoto.

Places of Interest in Kumamoto
Kumamoto Castle
Built about 400 years ago by Kiyomasa Kato, Kumamoto Castle is a highly popular tourist attraction in Kumamoto. It is one of the three Lord Castles in the country. Starting from the time when cherry blossoms in the spring, a plethora of events and traditional festivals are organized in this castle. In 2013, the Japanese version of Tripadvisor chose this castle as the 'best castle to visit in Japan'.

Shimada Museum of Art
A serene museum opened in 1977, Shimada Museum of Art permanently puts on exhibition the relics, armor, and calligraphy linked to Musashi Miyamoto. The museum is located in a quiet forested area and also boasts a cafe and an art gallery. A number of times all through the year, temporary exhibitions are also organized here in the museum.

Suizenji Jojuen Park
Landscaped around a natural spring pond, Suizenji Jojuen Park is a traditional Japanese garden located on the site that was once the location of Suizenji Temple. In the park, tourists can enjoy scenery including hills, pond, and trees. There is a teahouse located inside the part where visitors can relish traditionally-made Japanese tea.

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