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Cheap Kristianstad Vacation Packages

Kristianstad is a city and the seat of Kristianstad Municipality, Skane County, Sweden. Regarded as the most Danish city in Sweden, the city was founded in seventeenth century by King Christian IV of Denmark and was named in his honor as the 'Town of Christian'. Kristianstad has a beautiful array of three hundred year old monuments that yield a mesmerizing contrast to its contemporary counterparts. As a city of quite some notable attributes, Kristianstad is home to Sweden's lowest point below mean sea level and is situated alongside Ahus, the city that produces some of the finest vodka in the country. Agriculture is the in-thing here in Kristianstad and the city is known to feed Swedish citizens something or the other from its fields.

As per the cultural and historical highlights, a visitor would usually get to know best about the city in Backaskog, a 14th century monastery that was turned into a castle. Next up is the Church of Holy Trinity, a seventeenth century church known exclusively for its historical value and exceptionally beautiful interiors. If you’d prefer to know about Swedish martial history and its correlation with Napoleon, you should find a visit to Swedish Artillery Museum much to your liking.

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