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Kosice is the second biggest city in Slovakia and was also termed European Capital of Culture in 2013. It is situated on the banks of river Hornád at the Slovak Ore Mountains, near the border with Hungary. Kosice is the focal point of industrial, economic and cultural activities of eastern Slovakia. The city is also a visitor’s delight because it has a wide range of attractions like the seat of the Kosice Region, the Slovak Constitutional Court, universities, dioceses, museums, galleries and theatres.

Places of Interest in Kosice
Hlavna ulica (Main Street)
Hlavna ulica of Kosice is the most prominent historical region in Slovakia. Centuries ago, it had a hilly terrain and even had a stream flowing here. Later a square was developed here during the medieval period and the entire city of Kosiche then gradually grew around it. The best part of Hlavna ulica is that it is a very pleasant pedestrian site and thus you can sit for long hours here without getting tired. As for the historical monuments her, you can find the Saint Elizabeth Cathedral, the Saint Michael Chapel, Urban tower, The State Theater and the Singing Fountain which seems to be in a league of its own.

Dom sv. Alzbety (or St Elizabeth's Cathedral)
If you had only half an hour to explore one historical monument on Hlavná ulica, this would be it. This outstanding architectural marvel of High Gothic Style stands on a site formerly occupied by a parish church that was burnt to ground in 1370 AD. It is assumed that the construction of Dóm sv. Alžbety (or St Elizabeth's Cathedral) started in 1378 AD and today it stands majestically in the city with all its magnificence. Its entry is free, as is expected, and the top of this historical cathedral provides a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the surrounding historical centre.

Palaces of Kosice
Kosice is the where you can find most of the Slovakian palaces- and the strange part is that they’re all so beautiful that you wouldn’t be able to place one before the other in a list. The centerpiece, however, is the Former Town Hall and it is the oldest of Kosice's council offices. Once through this, you should head for other notable palaces like The Andrassy's Palace, The Bishop's Palace, Hadik - Barkoczy Palace Pongrácz - Forgács' Palace, Csáky - Dessewffy Palace, Captain's Palace and Jacab's Palace.

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