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Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine is situated on the River Dnieper. The city holds significance as the industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural hub in the Eastern Europe. Kiev has been able to retain itself as the historic cultural hub from many centuries. The city is home to Kiev Pechersk Lavra (The Monastery of Caves) and the Saint Sophia Cathedral, both of these are known to attract great number of pilgrims from past numerous decades and are now well recognized as World Heritage Sites under UNESCO. Apart from these sites, Kiev is also home to several theaters, museums, opera house and concert hall. Kiev is also quite famous as a “Green City” and has two botanical gardens apart from numerous parks of all sizes.

Places of Interest in Kiev
Pechersk Lavra (Caves Monastery)
One of the most visited attractions in Kiev is Caves Monastery. The monastery is situated on a hill facing the Dnipro River and is divided into two parts; Upper Lavra, and Lower Lavra. There are several churches and museums in the Upper Lavra. Underneath Lower Lavra there are countless narrow passages and caves where monks used to live and worship. The entry to these caves is free. Visitors are not permitted to carry cameras inside.

St. Sophia's Cathedral
Amongst the list of well renowned and magnificent landmarks in the city of Kiev, St. Sophia's Cathedral is one. The cathedral is named after Hagia Sophia, and is quite famous for its mosaics and frescoes. The art and architecture of the monument is stunning and would leave the visitors absolutely spell-bounded. In the year 2007, the Cathedral was named as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

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