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Kashgar is an oasis in Xinjiang region of China. It is a two thousand year old city with a profound historical and economical significance, especially with regards to the legendary Silk Route. Its queer westernmost location in China has been responsible for making it a cultural sponge in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The same trait is evident in its culinary arts and architecture that are a remarkable symbiosis of Chinese, Turkish, Mongol, and Tibetan ways of life.

Places of Interest in Kashi
Old Town
Welcome to the authentic Kashgar. Here you touch a glorious part of the history of the region relating to the Silk Route through some of the five hundred year old houses and their decorated interiors that tell a glorious tale of an extensive business management system.

Id Kah Mosque
Built in 1442 AD, it is the largest mosque in Kashgar and the Communist country. This yellow-tiled mosque accommodates up to twenty thousand worshipers. This mosque is the premier seat of religious and spiritual learning for the local Muslims.

Mor Pagoda
Mor Pagoda is located in a ruined seventh century town that lies about forty kilometres northeast of Kashgar. Mor Pagoda is a 1400 years old pyramidal structure, whose historical worth attracts tourist to this place.