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Kars Vacation - Deals & Packages!

Kars is a city located in the northeastern Turkey. The most distinct feature of the city is its mixture of its influences - Kurdish, Azeri, Turkish, and Russian. Kars produces Turkey's best butter and honey. Carpets from wool of different natural colours are made in this part of Turkey. Kars is generally considered as a base camp to explore the ruins of Ani, a World Heritage Site (around 45 kilometers from the city).

Places of Interest in Kars
Kars Castle
The Kars Castle sits on a hill above a turn in the River Kars. Since its first construction, the castle has been rebuilt several times. There is an arsenal, a mosque, tomb of Celel Baba, Janissary barracks, and a cafe in the premises of the building. The site has been a witness to several fights during and after World War I.

Kumbet Camii
Another building worth visiting in Kars is Kumbet Cammi. It was initially built as a church in between 932-937. Later in the year 1604, this church was converted into mosque. The main entrance of the building lies on its west side. There are two other entrances each on southern and northern sides.

Kars Museum
Kars Museum houses archaeological collection from several civilizations of different eras. These include early Bronze Age, Urartu and Roman, the Seljuk and the Ottoman eras. There is a railway carriage on one side of the building. This carriage was given to Kazim Karabekir, the Turkish General as a present. It is a symbol of the signing of the 1921 Treaty of Kars between Turkey and Soviet Representatives.

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