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Ivalo is a village in the Finnish municipality of Inari in Lapland. It is located along the Ivalo River, the river which was once the site of a gold rush in nineteenth century. This scenic village is the epicenter of numerous winter sports (like skiing, snowboarding, husky and sledge-riding) and summer activities (like trekking, hiking, canoeing, mountain biking and fishing). The sleepy little village is situated close to the nearby tourist hotspots, Inaari and Saariselka, which lie at a distance of less than 40 km apiece and offer a scenic landscape with a wide range of recreational activities.

Places of Interest in Ivalo
Saariselka is a small village in the Lappish valley of Finland. It is situated between two of the country’s finest mountain ranges- Kaunispaa and Iisakkipaa that play host for winter sports and are the regional hotspots of sledding and hiking for most parts of the year. Once through with your superb adventurous streak here, you can best complement it by admiring a fascinating natural phenomenon here called the ‘Northern Lights’ (Aurora Borealis) and enjoying a trip on reindeer-pulled sleighs and snowmobiles.

Inari is a small village in its eponymous municipality in the Finnish Lapland. It is situated alongside Lake Inari that is the third largest lake in the country and has more than 3300 islands. Inari is located at a 300 km from the Arctic Circle and thus it receives consistent sunlight from late May to late July, a natural phenomenon also known as Midnight Sun. Lake Inari is ideal for both fishing and canoeing, and is so tranquil that that you won’t find a single soul here for weeks. Another attraction here is Siida. It is a newly built museum that doubles up as a historical and cultural showcase of the original inhabitants of the people (called Sami).

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