Igloolik Vacation - Deals & Packages!

Igloolik is an Inuit island in Foxe Basin, Nunavut (Canada). It is a vibrant small town in the Canadian Arctic and is the meeting point of the cultural diversities of nearby towns. The island is known for an Inuktitut-language blockbuster ‘Atanarjuat- The Fast Runner’ that was filmed and produced here. Next feather in its cap is Artcirq, which is the world’s only Inuit circus troupe.

Igloolik offers a 360-degree spectrum of Arctic adventure sports, sightseeing, music festivals, marine life and four thousand years old archaeological sites. The best time to visit it would be the summers when the sun does not set here for months and people celebrate this time with music festivals and circus shows. The festivals like ‘Rockin' Walrus Arts Festival’ and ‘Return of the Sun’ find a special mention in the summers here. With the terrain warming up, it starts blooming with flowers and hosts migratory birds like eider ducks, jaegers, geese, plovers, loons and owls. The fun is not too far away in winters either, and you can enjoy dog-sledges and snowmobiles here for a snow-clad view of the surroundings with the Northern Lights.