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The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is located on the right bank of the Red River. At the city, ancient and proudly preserved Vietnamese culture is felt most keenly by tourists. The history of the city is of more than 1000 years old and therefore one can explore its historical richness in spectacular temples, unique theaters, ancient cathedrals, and engrossing wilderness just outside the city. A visit to the city offers tourists with a mesmerizing blend of East and West. At Hanoi, there are bustling streets replete with bicycles, cars, and motorbikes, a wonderful mix of Asian Pagodas, French Colonial relics and communist bloc buildings, and much more.

Places of Interest in Hanoi
Imperial Citadel of Thang Long
The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is an interesting remnant of country’s history and, suggesting its historical and cultural significance. This citadel is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Towering 40 meters high, the central flag tower is the most recognizable thing of the Imperial Citadel. This flag is often used as a symbol of the city.

Water Puppet Theatre
The prehistoric art form of water puppetry has a long connection with Hanoi and there are a number of theatres where guests can take pleasure in this uniquely Vietnamese take on Asia’s puppet tradition. Thang Long Puppet Theatre is the original and widely regarded as the best theatre in Hanoi.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Making an indelible on the history of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh is highly revered in Hanoi and is considered one of the greatest leaders of the country. His preserved body is laid to rest in a glass case in the Ba Dinh region of the city. The significance of the Ho Chi Minh in Vietnamese history makes this mausoleum more than just a tourist attraction. This site is a part of living history. The building was modeled after Lenin’s mausoleum located in Moscow.

The Perfume Pagoda
The Perfume Pagoda is a spectacular temple complex believed to have been first constructed in the 15th century. This sequence of Buddhist temples are constructed into a mountain range in a labyrinth of alleyways carved into the rock with dense forests and lovely streams all around. The Perfume Pagoda is located around 60 kilometers south of Hanoi in the Son Mountains. The travel to this place is a pleasant experience in itself.

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