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Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia and the largest city in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. The city is known for its profound maritime history and its integral role in safeguarding American naval forces from their German counterparts during both the World Wars. This natural harbor has also been the touchdown point of European immigrants into Canada during last two centuries. It stands dominated with its hallmark attraction, the Halifax Citadel, and it also has a host of cultural and historical hotspots that could make a couple of days spent here unforgettable to a visitor.

Places of Interest in Halifax
Halifax Citadel (Fort George)
Halifax Citadel is the point from where you should start admiring this attractive harbor city, and the first week of July is the certainly best time of the year to do so. This raised citadel provides an enthralling view of the Halifax Harbor and in order to give you a glimpse of how it all looked from there in older times; it has many professional guides that perform their duties in period dresses. Another must visit attraction here is the Halifax Army Museum and a small ceremonial garrison- both these monuments would tell you a lot about the historical worth of the place. You should not be alarmed if you hear a canon shot being fired here, it is the ‘Noon Gun’ at work. It is ceremonial cannon and is fired at noon every day, except on Christmas.

Pier 21 National Historic Site
Pier 21 National Historic Site is famous for two events that had once changed the course of history in Canada: first, as the gateway for European immigrants into Canada and second, for being the departure point for 500,000 Canadian Military personnel to fight for the Allied Forces in the Second World War. Pier 21 occupies a part of a former ocean liner terminal and immigration shed that hosts Atlantic Canada’s only national museum, the Canadian Museum of Immigration.

Province House
Province House is famous as the point of many firsts in Halifax. It is the face of legislature, the seat of the Nova Scotia Government, Canada’s oldest provincial legislative assembly and the original home of Britain’s first overseas self-government in the state. It is worth recounting that the eminent British author Charles Dickens had once called Province House ‘a gem of Georgian Architecture’ and had reserved his remarks about the scenic beauty of the place as ‘looking at Westminster through the wrong end of the telescope.’

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