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Grise Fiord is a small town in Nunavut, Canada. It is the northernmost inhabited place in the country and one of the coldest inhabited places in the world that is now becoming increasingly popular among tourists for its picture-perfect natural beauty The wildlife here is typical of Arctic region and you would find muskoxen, ringed seals, bearded seals, beluga whales, falcons, polar bears, ravens, caribous and walruses here. Of special note here is the artistic and cultural heritage of the local inhabitants that is most spectacularly visible in their artworks, jewelry and metal carvings.

Places of Interest in Grise Fiord
Nirjutiqavvik National Wildlife Area
Located about sixty miles away from the Grise Fiord, the Nirjutiqavvik National Wildlife Area is the nearest possible hotspot of marine and wildlife here. It is a persistent ecosystem and a habitat center of various creatures like thick-billed murre, falcons, caribous, blacklegged kittiwakes, northern fulmars and black guillemots; while the marine life supported here is even more vivid and includes different kinds of seals, polar bears, walruses and beluga whales.