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You may liken this Brazilian beach city to an exciting party destination with blaring music and hip hop lifestyle. You’re not exactly misplaced, for Fortaleza (the capital city of Ceara) has one of the best beaches in the country and is very economical. Its near perfect climate sees rainfall from February to May and there are certainly no winters ever, and the thermometer hovers around 30 degree Celsius all the year round. The scenic beauty is only next to none in Fortaleza and visiting historical monuments (or purchasing local handicrafts and leather goods) would often trump the idea of enjoying an evening with local culinary, leaving you little to ask for more.

Places of Interest in Fortaleza
Praia de Iracema
This is where fun starts in Fortaleza. Though it is not a popular place for swimming, it is a good place for relaxing, eating, sunbathing or even just enjoying the show, if nothing else seems to suit your fancy. McDonald and Subway will always be there but Thursday is Crab day in Fortaleza and this is when you should decide to go for the most popular delicacy, Crab Legs. Praia de Iracema’s twin sister beach is Meireles and it is quite literally the second half of the apple that you’ve just eaten in Praia de Iracema. Please note that both of them have ample nightclubs and hotels.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza
Though it might look daunting at first, there is a lot more art and beauty to Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza than seems. This iconic cathedral is one of the best in the city and coupled with its two 75 m high towers, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza looks like a remarkable combination of Gothic and Roman styles of architecture. During the evenings, it lights up itself with the falling sun to yield a sight worth beholding.

Ferreira Square (or Heart of the City)
Ferreira Square is a square located in the center of the city of Fortaleza that has a historical clock built into it. The clock was built in 1933 AD but was demolished in 1967 AD and was built again, in a new and more beautiful form, in 1991 AD. This is one of the best places in the city to wander around and soak in the city’s ambience.

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