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Yekaterinburg or Ekaterinburg is Russia’s fourth largest city and has a rather inexcusable reputation of being the place where the last Czar family, the Romanov, was shot dead. It is located close to Ural Mountains and since it was founded for pursuing metallurgical interests, it is the industrial center of the Ural Federal District. Visitors should visit this city for revisiting its inglorious past that has connected the dots leading to mines, Czars, World War II, Boris Yeltsin and that legendary white colored Russian architecture- besides an unforgettable trip to Ural Mountains.

Places of Interest in Yekaterinburg
Church on the Blood or Church of All Saints
History couldn’t be creepier and sadder at the same time. This Byzantine Church is built on the site where the cold-blooded mass murder of Czar Nicholas II and his family took place in 1918 AD. Seventy-two years past this horrific massacre, the then Soviet government handed over the place to the Russian Orthodox Church for the construction of an impressive memorial complex dedicated to the Romanov family. From an artistic view, Church on the Blood is a splendid and breathtaking piece of Russian architecture. It is white on the outside and has a golden top. It houses two churches, a belfry and a museum dedicated to the Romanovs.

Keyboard Monument
There’s no point trying to describe how it looks like, because the answer would have zinged home by now. We’d thus explain what’s so special about it. Keyboard Monument is located on the embankment of the Iset River in the City Cente and it has a childlike make-believe aura about it. People believe that if you ‘type’ your wish on this white concrete keyboard and then jump on Enter, your wish will come true.

Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts
Yekaterinburg is an eighteenth century city and has an industrial origin that has gone on to include some of the most significant events of Russian history in its stride. Ahead of that, it is also known for its enviable collection of Kasli cast-iron molding and Kasli cast iron pavilion. It has seven hundred paintings of whom some pertain to the end of nineteenth century, the period when Russian paintings had seen their crescendo.

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