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Cheap Daytona Beach Vacation Packages

Daytona Beach is situated in the Volusia County of Florida, USA. The city has been divided into two parts by the Halifax River. Historically, Daytona Beach is well known for its beautiful beach where sand is packed in a manner that one can drive a vehicle. Due to such quality of the sand the region became quite famous for various motor-sports. Some of the major events include conducted here include - Bike Week in March, NASCAR Coke Zero 400 race in July and Speed weeks in February.

Places of Interest in Daytona Beach
Water Activities at Daytona Beach
The beaches of Daytona Beach are quite famous for offering numerous water activities for one and all. Whether you like fishing, boating, surfing, paddle-boarding, kayaking or love to watch the playful dolphins performing their lovely feat. Whether you're an adventure lover or a peace seeker, the beach offers you both adrenaline pumping activities and serenity, choose to do what you like the most!

Art League of Daytona Beach
Founded in the year 1929, Art League of Daytona Beach today holds membership of around 400 artists. Here visitors may find monthly changing exhibits, workshops, exhibitions and video art library. Various events and programs are also held at Art League in which local and regional artists display various techniques and give lectures on variety of topics.

African American Museum of the Arts
African American Museum of the Arts was established in the year 1994. It is the only museum in Daytona Beach which has been set up especially for displaying the culture and art of African Americans. In the museum one can find African art from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and Kenya. Museum has a revolving gallery comprising of work from both, established and emerging artists and is home to a vast collection which includes artifacts, sculptures and masks.

Cinematique Theater
Cinematique Theater is well known in the downtown Dayona Beach for providing unique film experiences. It is the only full time art-house cinema and focuses on newly released independent and foreign films along with opera and ballet. A free event is held on the second Wednesday of every month called - Masterpiece Classics Ladies Night Out. It includes viewing and discussion of a famous Masterpiece Classics program.

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