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If all Irish cities could be Avengers, Cork would be Black Panther. This city has seen the crests and troughs of human civilizations during its course of history and they all have varied precariously from being placidly monastic to an erratic monarchy and from a despotic extortion to guerrilla militia. During last decade, the city has collected all its broken pieces to emerge as the gold standard of Irish tourism and once you come here to admire it, you would fall in love with its charm and simplicity. Hence the name, Black Panther.

Places of Interest in Cork
St. Fin Barre's Cathedral
St. Fin Barre's Cathedral checks both the boxes of antiquity and grandeur. This seventh century French Gothic marvel was designed by William Burges and cost a million British pounds in 1870 AD for its construction. The façade of the iconic cathedral is so majestic that you would be left at a loss words, and its interior is a stunning piece of artwork.

Cork City Gaol
Imagine waking up on a sunny day when you have nothing to eat. Later the same day, you’re caught trying to steal a loaf of bread and sent to Cork City Gaol where you’re beaten so badly that your sanities run into a blue fog. Worse if you are a woman. This was Ireland during 19th century and this dreaded prison used to contain those cold and timid souls who couldn’t find a better way to quench their hunger and thirst. Cork City Gaol was opened in 1824 AD and was shut down ninety nine years later but during the middle part (1878-1920 AD) of its deplorable epoch, it was turned into a prison reserved for women. The horrifying gaol is now a museum and you can visit it to view the deplorable house of horrors that it was in its blackest days.

Cobh (a historic port located 23 kms from Cork)
Cobh was the last port of call of the doomed magnificence called RMS Titanic. This is exactly where some Irish men and women boarded Titanic on that ill-fated day to go to North America and make a fortune, least realizing that they’ll rather be going somewhere else. Currently, this historic port offers a walking tour to Titanic’s voyage history and other attractions like Cobh Museum and the Queenstown Story Heritage Centre.

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