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Clyde River, an Inuit hamlet of a thousand inhabitants, is located along the Baffin Island in Nunavut, Canada. It is regarded as the ‘Gateway to the Great Fjords’ because of the presence of ten beautiful fjords (like the Sam Ford Fjord) that lie in its first hundred kilometers’ radius. Clyde River has all the natural scenery that a visitor would care to ask for in a typical Tundra region- there are mountains, fjords, glaciers, ice caps, tundra slopes, icebergs and Arctic coastlines that are home to an enthralling view of local flora and fauna. Clyde River was first inhabited by Vikings in 1000 AD and ever since then, this sleepy hamlet has been a hotspot of historical and cultural highlights.

Those looking for adventure would find fishing and hunting of local wild animals like polar bears and seals quite common here. Besides, the typical mountainous topography here is an open invitation to all rock and ice climbers. On national holidays, nothing is more common and prestigious that attending community feasts and celebrations.

Places of Interest in Clyde River
Kangiqtugaapik is the artistic centre of Clyde River. It is known for whalebone carvings and stone sculptures that vary greatly in shape and size to depict very realistic figures of animals, people and hunting scenes.

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