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Chatham is a town on the River Medway in the English county of Kent. It is both scenic and historical at the same time, and is known for its singular correlation with the literary prowess and martial might of the royal nation. Chatham forms a triad of beautiful cities of Medway Towns with Rochester and Gillingham, and touches a part of British glory with the county’s first Baptist Chapel, a large Napoleonic fortress, a museum consisting of a WWII warship and a Cold War submarine. It was home to the eminent English author Charles Dickens who had immortalized the Medway in his novels and if you’re willing, you can find a zing of Dickensian Christmas post a mile radius of the city every December.

Places of Interest in Chatham
The Historic Dockyard
Chatham Historic Dockyard is a maritime museum on the site of a former naval dockyard in Chatham. It is the world’s most comprehensive dockyard from the sixteenth century. It has three historic warships- Victorian Naval Sloop HMS Gannet, Second World War Destroyer HMS Cavalier besides a Cold War Submarine Ocelot that together share the curiosity regarding the city’s ages old prowess at shipbuilding. The star attraction here is No. 1 Smithery, which is a maritime museum with an extensive collection of naval and historic artifacts from Royal Museums Greenwich and Imperial War Museum.

Fort Amherst
Fort Amherst is Britain’s largest Napoleonic Fortress. It was constructed in 1756 AD to protect the Chatham Dockyard and the River Medway against a French invasion. Open throughout the year for free, this 260-year old defensive structure has a number of underground passageways and artillery placement. If you’d like to have some spooky adventure here, you can opt for Ghost Tours and Paranormal Investigations.

HMS Cavalier
HMS Cavalier is a retired C-class destroyer of the Royal Navy that had served the nation in World War II. She was decommissioned in 1972 and was preserved in Chatham Historic Dockyard as a museum ship displaying an extensive maritime history. Later she was designated as a war memorial to other Royal Navy warships that were destroyed by the Axis Powers during World War II.

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