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Chapleau is a township in Sudbury District, Ontario, Canada. It is home to one of the world's largest wildlife preserves called the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve that spans more than 7,000 square kilometers. This protected wildlife preserve is attracts nature enthusiasts for its sheer range of wildlife species and is an absolute must on any wildlife enthusiast’s itinerary. The Chapleau Crown Game Preserve is a safe haven to numerous moose, black bears, pygmy shrews, bald eagles, loons among other animals. Another similar place here is the Potholes Provincial Nature Reserve. It is home to thousands of birds and offers a hiking trail that would take you through the plentiful potholes and pools that were created by glaciers here over many millennia. Informative signage would follow you everywhere on this trail to give you an insight about the local topography and wildlife.

Places of Interest in Chapleau
Chapleau Crown Game Preserve
The Chapleau Crown Game Preserve is a protected wildlife sanctuary located in the hinterland of the native Canadian tribes. It offers spectacular viewing opportunities of regional wildlife and includes moose, American black bears, red foxes, Canada lynx, timber wolves, marten, beavers, otters, minks, ruffed and spruce grouses, bald eagles and loons.

Missinaibi Provincial Park
Missinaibi Provincial Park is spread across from the Missinaibi River to the Moose River. It is immensely popular among canoeing enthusiasts and also offers exceptional hiking, fishing, camping and hunting facilities.