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Cape Dorset is a cultural and historic city of Nunavut located on Dorset Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Affiliated to a part of Kinngait Mountains, it is based on the backdrop of typical tundra region of Arctic Circle and is the touchdown point of the nesting grounds of migratory blue geese. It is a common perception that economically all tundra regions run on hunting seals and that Cape Dorset would be no different. However, a major part of Inuit inhabitants are globally acknowledged professionals of Arctic carving and printmaking. The city is historic because it is where the remains of the ancient Thule and Dorset Cultures were discovered, and visitors can catch a glimpse of that one thousand year old heritage in the Mallikjuaq Island. Close to it are the remains of RMS Nascopie, a Scottish supply ship that had capsized here during an Arctic expedition in 1947.

Places of Interest in Cape Dorset
Mallik Island
Mallik Island is an uninhabited Canadian Arctic island in Nunavut, Canada. It is known for a historical park called Mallikjuaq Territorial Park and remarkable scenery. If you’re a history enthusiast, you possibly can’t do without visiting The Mallikjuaq Territorial Park. It has some archaeological remains of Thule and Dorset cultures and other prehistoric sites that are as old as three thousand years.

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