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Cambridge is a city situated on the River Cam, England. The city is home to the University of Cambridge, one of the top five universities in the world. The city is also home to the one of the world's largest health science and medical research centers, Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Cambridge Beer festival is held annually in Jesus Green Park, north of central Cambridge.

Places of Interest in Cambridge
The Backs
The Backs is the beautiful area in the eastern side of Queen's Road, Cambridge. “The Backs” refers to the name of the backs of the colleges. Several colleges of the University of Cambridge back on the River Cam and their grounds cover both the banks of the river.

The Fitzwilliam Museum
The Fitzwilliam Museum is of high repute in the University of Cambridge. The museum is very prestigious at the international level. It is a house to numerous peculiar and magnificent art work collections. The art work has been included in the museum's collection because of the historical background, amazing quality and exclusivity.

Anglesey Abbey
Anglesey Abbey is also known as garden for all seasons. Flowers for every season are planted in garden. During springs one can witness the blooming of Daffodils in the main garden. Rose garden is a must visit in the summers and dahlias during autumn. The Winter Garden has been created in such a manner that it can even lighten up the most dry and coldest day of the season.

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