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In the year 2000, Bronnoysund received the status of a town. Today it is a town and an administrative centre of the Municipality of Bronnoy, Norway. Due to the coastal location of the city, it is also known as “the coastal town in the middle of Norway”. The region's economy is mainly dominated by agriculture, hydroponics, wood processing and tourism. The Bronnoysund Airport, Bronnoy is approximately two kilometers from the city's centre.

Places of Interest in Bronnoysund
Norwegian Aquaculture Center
Norwegian Aquaculture Center serves as a development center for modern fish farming techniques in Norway. The center began its operations in the year 2008. It is fully equipped with latest technologies and equipments such as automated feeding system, control room, under water cameras, little aquarium and many more. The center can be accessed by all, visitors, schools, tourists and locals.