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Boston is known as the city that holds the history of the Colonial Era and Revolutionary War - two of the most defining moments of the US. The city is fairly easy to navigate on foot and highly disciplined traffic only adds to its charm. The historical sites are also located in close proximity to each other, which makes the subway connects them sans much fuss. Boston has given some firsts in the American history, like its first public school (Boston Latin School (1635), first subway system (the T. (1897) and the first public park (Boston Commons (1634). The city is also known as the educational centre of the world and is home to world's most iconic universities- the Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Places of Interest in Boston
Fanueil Hall
Known as the Cradle of Liberty, Faneuil Hall was built in 1740-42 AD on the condition that it should always be open to the public. This historical monument has served as the meeting place of revolutionaries and abolitionists during nineteenth century. Last hundred years have changed this festive marketplace of three long halls that sell jewelry, clothing and souvenirs.

Boston Museum Of Fine Arts
Boston Museum of Fine Arts is one of the best art museums in the country. It has an exhaustive collection of American artworks like decorative arts and glasswares since pre-Columbian era. It also has some Impressionist paintings, ancient Egyptian treasures, Asian and Persian fine arts, and other artworks from ancient Greece and the Middle East. Other attractions include a 12th-century sculpture of a Bodhisattva and a set of Korean painted screens, the ivory and gold statue of the Minoan Snake Goddess from 1500 BC, a statue of the Egyptian pharaoh Mycerinus and his queen from 2548 -2530 BC.

Freedom Trail
Freedom Trail is a a pedestrian pathway that connects Boston's historic monuments and sites like Boston Common, Park Street Church, and Old State House. This three mile trail ends at a bridge in Charlestown with the 54-gun frigate USS Constitution (or "Old Ironsides") in the War of 1812 AD.

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