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Bonaire is a Caribbean island located along the east of Central America and north of Venezuela. This scenic island is part of the ABC Islands together with Aruba and Curacao. Renowned for its diving spots, this coral island is preferred as one of the top shore-diving locations in the world. Here you will find ample of opportunities for snorkeling, fishing, windsurfing, kite boarding, sea kayaking and sailing; besides mountain biking, cave exploring, and bird watching.

Places of Interest in Bonaire
Klein Bonaire (Little Bonaire)
Klein Bonaire is a small uninhabited islet off the west coast of the Caribbean island of Bonaire and is governed by the Dutch special municipality of Bonaire. It attracts visitors for scuba diving and snorkeling. As per some historical content here, there are some ruins of slave huts dating back to 19th century that you might find interesting.

Bonaire National Marine Park
Established in 1979 AD, the Bonaire National Marine Park is the oldest marine reserve in the world. The park covers 2600 hectares of coral reef, sea grass, and mangroves. The west side of Bonaire is dotted with diving sites and is easily accessible from the beach

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