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Cheap Bogota Vacation Packages

Bogota is the capital and commercial center of Columbia. It is a city of contrasts and comes across as a lively city that offers a multitude of unique experiences to a visitor. You can be sure to see a hectic balance between the new and the old, the peaceful and the frantic, and the religious and the commercial. Bogota also has historical Churches and Multinational Companies, century-old plaza and towering skyscrapers. You will also find peaceful tree-lined bicycle routes cut through by wild-traffic avenues- all to suggest that Bogota is an interesting city with many lives. An interesting element of Bogota’s identity is its extensive range of culinary arts that satiates Spanish, Latin, American and European tastes.

Places of Interest in Bogota
El Museo del Oro (Gold Museum)
The Gold Museum is the most famous museum of Bogota, Colombia and it receives around 500,000 tourists per year. The museum displays a collection of 55,000 artifacts made of gold or other metal alloys that date back to Pre-Columbian era. It also has a vast collection of numerous archaeological objects relating to pottery, stone, shell, wood and textile. It is known that earlier civilizations here used to consider gold as a sacred metal and this belief was prevalent until the advent of Spanish invaders. You should visit the second floor of this museum to see various artifacts belonging to different eras of civilizations in Columbia like Calima, Quimbaya, Muisca, Zenú, Tierradentro etc.

Monserrate is a mountain that dominates and overlooks into the city center of Bogota. It rises to 3,152 metres above the sea level, on top of which there is a 17th century Church that has a shrine devoted to El Senor Caido (or The Fallen Lord). The Monserrate is both a pilgrim destination and a tourist attraction. The summit also has restaurants, cafeteria, souvenir shops and scores of similar facilities. If for nothing else, you should visit this hilltop for a 360 degree view of the downtown of Bogota, especially during sunsets.

93 Park
93 Park or 93rd Street Park is a commercial and recreational park located in the 93 Street in Bogota, Colombia. The park is a center of nightlife in the city and is full of clubs, restaurants, shops, art galleries, auctions and design centers. 93 Park and its surroundings are commonly known as Zona Rosa (Pink Zone), a Spanish slang term for a fashionable neighborhood. The most notable parts of 93 Park are its design center (Portobelo), Café Renault, Gato Negro Restaurant, Juan Valdez Café and the Christmas tree.

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