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Cheap Bermuda Vacation Packages

A British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is located off the east shore of North America. This territory boasts milder climate than the Caribbean Island. Bermuda is much loved for its pretty pink sand beaches, relaxed British character, and eye-popping blue water. Hued colonial houses line the streets of this emerald archipelago. Through the island nature reserve, there are many hiking and biking trails. Adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy snorkeling, sailing, and fishing. The archipelago is also popular for its affluent seafaring history. History buffs can explore Bermuda's maritime history at its number of forts and spectacular museums around the archipelago.

Places of Interest in Bermuda
Horseshoe Bay
The most famous beach in Bermuda, Horseshoe Bay is an engrossing crescent of pink sand and lovely blue sea. It is a good spot for a family outing. There is a plethora of cafes offering snacks and equipment rental. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy swimming and snorkeling.

St. Peter's Church
Constructed in 1612, St. Peter's Church is the oldest Anglican Church that is in continuous use in the Western Hemisphere. The architecture of the church is simple yet magnificent and displays structural designs from the 17th century. The hand-carved altar, composed of red cedar, is one of the oldest pieces of woodwork in Bermuda. The churchyard boasts several headstones dating back to more than 300 years.

Bermuda Maritime Museum
Located inside the largest fort in Bermuda, Bermuda Maritime Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions at the Royal Naval Dockyard of Bermuda. This museum features seven bastions and eight historic exhibits showcasing the mesmerizing history of the island. These exhibits are based on topics like maritime art, battles, yacht racing, whaling, and shipwrecks. Tourists can also wander the ten acres and relish the scenic vistas of the island.

The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo
A wonderful place to visit for nature lovers, the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo (BAMZ) is located in immaculate Flatts Village. It contains one of the oldest aquariums in the world. BAMZ also boasts more than 300 birds, mammals, and reptiles. The exhibits here are organized by geographical area with emphasize upon island ecosystem such as the Caribbean, Australasia, and Madagascar. The museum boasts interactive and audio-visual exhibits on the ecology and geology of Bermuda. A picturesque coastal walkway surrounding the complex offers imposing views of Flatt's Inlet and Harrington Sound.

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