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Arctic Bay is an Inuit village located on Baffin Island in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada. It is also named 'Ikpiarjuk' which means 'the pocket' in the local language and is in a direct reference to the village’s scenic geographical location among hills on three sides. Arctic Bay is a truly incredible place for hiking, exploring natural scenery and bird watching, and for admiring the cultural events organized by the indigenous people here. If you’re coming here for viewing sea life here, you would be in for a real treat as Arctic Bay is a regional hotbed of bowhead whales, narwhals, seals, polar bears; besides arctic hares, arctic foxes, lemmings and marmots are also found along the shores. During the winters, another plus here is the prospect of ice fishing.

Places of Interest in Arctic Bay
Sirmilik National Park
Located close to Arctic Bay is the Sirmilik National Park, the park that is a subset of beautiful landforms and exceptional hiking and camping sites found in North Eastern Arctic Lowlands. It has three geographical features: a plateau across river valleys, a narrow fiord (for boating, hiking and camping) and an island with glaciers, coastal lowlands and seabird colonies; thus making it a blockbuster of a tourist attraction.

The Qimatuligvik Heritage Organization
Most of the indigenous people living in Arctic Bay are categorically believed to be very good at producing marble carvings, ivory sculptures and other fine crafts and artworks par excellence. Their works can be both viewed and purchased from the Qimatuligvik Heritage Organization, a local facility that offers an extensive display of local arts and crafts.

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