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Cheap Amsterdam Vacation Packages

Amsterdam, or the Venice of North, is the capital of Netherlands and is known for its profound economic and cultural identity. From an artistic standpoint too, there would be few cities in the world that would come close to meet the finesse and beauty of Amsterdam’s picturesque water canals and bridges, its impressive Dutch architecture, historic churches and museums.

Talking of bridges, you possibly would not like to miss a photographer’s delight here, the three hundred years old Magere Brug or the Mager Bridge. This is where thousands of couples get themselves clicked together during sunsets to savor one of the most unforgettable moments of their lives. Another surreal experience here is of ice skating in Prinsengracht (Prince's Canal). Named after Prince of Orange, it is the longest main canal in Amsterdam and is the place to be at during winters.

Places of Interest in Amsterdam
The Rijksmuseum
This is where an artist would go to see seven million classical artworks and antique items in the Dutch capital. Founded in 1809 AD, The Rijksmuseum is the central attraction of Amsterdam and it also has thousands of historic paintings, books, manuscripts and medieval sculpture. You should skip the line to see the two masterpieces of the Dutch Golden Age here, Rembrandt's Night Watch and Vermeer's The Milkmaid.

The Royal Palace
Constructed in 1655 AD, the Royal Palace is one of the three residences of the King of Netherlands. It is made of special yellow sandstone that was exclusively purchased from the Germany for the purpose. It is just what a royal palace should be- the exterior is captivating and the interiors are a stunning work of ornamentation, paintings, marble sculptures and furniture. Of special mention here is its balcony, where Queen Beatrix was introduced as the new Queen of Netherlands in 1980 and later, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima had greeted the people for their wedding in 2002.

The Begijnhof
History, beauty, serenity and spookiness- these are four words you’d like to associate with the Begijnhof. It is a group of some beautiful and historic buildings (called beguines) amidst lush greenery where religious women used to live together. A star attraction here is the Wooden House. It was built in 1528 and is the oldest standing wooden structure in the city. Now the horror- one of the beguines here is of sister Cornelia Arens who had died here in 1654 AD and as her last wish had expressed her desire to be buried in the gutter of the court, but was rather buried in the Chapel. Legend has it that her soul found no peace and used to roam in the court at night until her wish was properly carried out.

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