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The capital and the largest city in Algeria, Algiers is located on the Mediterranean Sea in the north-central part of the country. The city is nicknamed as El-Behdja for the glistening white of its buildings as seen towering up from the sea. The modern part of Algiers is built on the level ground by the seashore. Whereas the ancient city climbs the steep hill behind the modern town and is crowned by the citadel. Algiers is a city of rare beauty and of remarkable contrast. The country's history is writ large in the examples of affluent textured architecture such as French-built boulevards, Socialist-era monuments, and Islamic heart secreted in the hillside citadel.

Places of Interest in Algiers
Casbah is the heart of Algiers. There are lots of spectacular forts to explore here. Most of these forts are concentrated around the Ketchaoua Mosque. Above the mosque is located the city's Citadel. The Casbah is excellent to enjoy a walk. Hiring a guide can be helpful and tourists should avoid going there at night.

Dar Hassan Pacha
A building beside the Ketchoua Mosque, Dar Hassan Pacha was once the grandest mansion of Algiers and it carries the name of its original owner- Dar Hassan Pacha. The mansion has given a European-style front boasting rows of large windows and balconies and a magnificent entrance.

Palais des Rais
A row of a plethora of large waterfront hoses that are joined up to form a single compound, Palais des Rais is now home to the Centre des Arts et de la Culture. The buildings are used as exhibition area for some wonderful shows. The rooms of these buildings are occasionally elaborated and are decorated with painted ceilings and tiles. There is a feel of grandeur about the compound and a sense of the good life.

National Museum of Antiquities
A wonderful place to visit for history buffs, National Museum of Antiquities brings home the richness of city's heritage through a well-chosen collection on display. The museum is located a short walk from the Bardo Museum. The exhibits of antiquities are drawn from the sites around Algiers and throughout Algeria. There is also a collection of Islamic art from all over the Maghreb.

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